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Dr Maria Wrest MRCGP, MBBS, BSc(Hons) is a fully qualified GP and Aesthetics Doctor with advanced and master class training in non-surgical facial rejuvenation, offering a full spectrum of botox, dermal fillers and cosmetic treatments.

Doctor Wrest Aesthetics specialise in natural looking, high end treatments using only the best products strictly sourced from pharmacies in the UK only. We believe safety is paramount. 

Fully insured with Hamilton Fraser and GMC registered doctor for the past 11 years. At Doctor Wrest Aesthetics you are not just buying a product, but the experience, qualifications and skills of Dr Wrest. 
We provide luxury yet affordable bespoke packages designed specifically to meet your aesthetic needs, carried out by a careful, precise and caring doctor. 

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KYLIE PACKAGE: Cheekbone fillers (2ml), lipfillers (1ml), Jawline slimming/filler and chin augmentation £850

PERI-ORAL SCULPTING: Lips OR smokers lines, Nasolabial folds and marionettes £600

DR WREST PROFILE BALANCE: Non-surgical Rhinoplasty, and chin sculpting £500

DR WREST SMILE: Gummy smile treatment, lip fillers (1ml) and marionettes £400


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My red battery isolation switch has broken off, what do I do?

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I have recently renewed the bearings on my boat trailer, is there anything I should do to ensure a long-lasting life?

After your first use with the trailer being in contact with water/ocean, pump grease through the bearings until it starts to come out through a small hole from the side. This will remove any saltwater which would otherwise damage the bearings.

My anchor winch on my Sealegs is not moving but I can hear a light ‘click’ when I try to operate it

This could be due to the circuit breaker located to the right of the 12V circuit board under the centre console. Simply push the red pivot back into place and try again. If this still does not work contact Waiheke Central Marine.

The hydraulic pressure alarm on my Sealegs is not acting in sequence when lifting or lowering the wheels.

Hydraulic pressure switch needs adjusting, contact Waiheke Marine Central for assistance.

I am getting seawater coming back up through the exhaust valve and exhaust into the boat and/or a black soot around the exhaust in engine bay

Exhaust pipe needs replacing. Undo the U-bolt at the top of the exhaust and clamp at the bottom to remove it.

My tire keeps deflating/has a hole in it

If you cannot find where the hole is by pouring a mix of water and dishwashing liquid lightly over the wheel and pumping it with air at the same time. Look for bubbling which will indicate where the hole is. If the hole is small enough, deflate the tire and make sure there is no weight on it so that it can inflate easily by attaching tire puncture repair. For assistance contact Waiheke Marine Central.

How often should I get my Sealegs serviced?

This information can be found on the service plaque located inside of the console door. When you require the next service depends on which comes sooner out of the date set for the next service displayed on the plaque or the number of inboard engine hours. The next service type can be located at the bottom (A = 1 Year/20 hrs, B = 2 Years/100 hrs, C = 3 Years/200 hrs).

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Dermal Fillers

Nasolabial folds (nose to mouth) Dermal Filler £200+

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Marionette lines (mouth corners to chin) Dermal Filler £200+

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Jawline filler women £250+

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Jawline filler men £300+

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Chin Augmentation £200+

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Nose (non-surgical rhinoplasty)£325+

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Tear trough (under eye filler) £325+

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Cheek Augmentation £250+

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Meet Doctor Wrest 

Dr Maria Wrest MRCGP, MBBS, BSc(Hons) is the medical director and founder of Doctor Wrest Aesthetics, one of the few doctor led aesthetics clinics in South Yorkshire. Expertly trained in advanced dermal filler and Botulinum A (Botox) treatments. 
With over 11 years of clinical experience when you book a treatment at Doctor Wrest Aesthetics you are not just buying the product, but the experience, precision, training and expertise of Dr Wrest.
You will receive the most appropriate treatment, using the highest quality products and comprehensive aftercare delivered by an aesthetics professional.
Dr Wrest has a passion for providing natural looking aesthetics in a safe environment. She is also a skincare specialist with further training in pharmaceutical skin care with the award winning, world leading Obagi Medical. 
Dr Wrest conducts an individual and thorough consultation, ensuring to fully understand your needs, in order to ensure to develop an enhancement plan you are completely comfortable and entirely happy with. 


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I am petrified of needles and Dr Wrest put me at ease so much. Made me feel comfortable. Brilliant doctor very professional and I love my new lips. Thank you!

Lisa Horton


Was really nervous when I came first time as I used someone else for Botox before and made a total mess but I am really really pleased with my results with doctor wrest aesthetics money well spent this time and got what I wanted thank you xxxxx 

Emma Louise


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